The CLC Neighborhood

Creative solutions using Mighty Networks. Synergy & companions for your online adventure.

Who is Here?

Entrepreneurs and Changemakers 

using the Mighty Networks platform and other online tools to grow our impact and revenue. We are investing time, energy, and money to be a positive force to the world around us.


Rich experiences and kindred community empower you to more quickly, easily, and creatively:

  • Navigate and leverage the Mighty Networks platform and other online technology
  • Provide impactful online workshops & courses, virtual events, and online community uniquely tailored to you

The CLC Neighborhood is here to help you use online technology to share your unique talents and abilities.

What You'll Find Inside

Neighborhood Highlights

We are committed to welcoming all who are interested in participating in premium offerings and offer equity pricing for those with marginalized identities and those in need.

Technology Support

You want to know how to best use Mighty Networks to fit your vision - without having to spend months learning everything there is to know about the platform.

Good-news! Marcia has done that work for you and is ready to support you with her Mighty Networks expertise and experience.  Marcia's engineering background and creative soul work together easily, and she enjoys translating technology so that you feel comfortable using it to connect online.


If you're looking to get more information on how to build your community, I highly suggest you join the CLC Neighborhood. In addition to breaking things down into easily digestible pieces, it also provides you with another opportunity to explore Mighty Networks from the member's perspective, which is always helpful.

Marcia does a great job breaking down the complexity that is Mighty Networks and all its options.
Matt Lobanoff, CA, USA 

Marcia has a fabulous capacity to translate creative ideas into structure and form. Her mind is wired to both help you translate your ideas into something wonderful AND to break the process of creating that something into understandable, doable steps.
Julie Henderson, Ohio, USA

Ready to get started? 

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Together, we go places, learn, and create in ways that aren't possible on our own. See you around the Neighborhood!

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